Why makeup matters…

When I was much younger I loved referring to myself as a ‘girly girl’. It’s incredibly cringy I know, but mini-me did not care one bit. She loved Barbie dolls, all things pink, and when the time came, she fell in love with the Glitter Babes beauty range in Boots (throwback anyone?). I must admit I look back on the body glitter and the sticky roll-on lip gloss with immense fondness.

Now it’s a whole new ballgame out there, somehow I have accumulated 10 million makeup brushes and lipsticks without realising it. It is no coincidence that the obsession began not long after I began living with my flatmate Angela, but I also blame Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and basically every other social media platform that exists. Makeup has never been more talked about than it has the past few years and this sudden awareness of how it isn’t just for qualified professionals has lead to the creation of a massive community, open to beauty lovers everywhere. They can learn new techniques and improve on old ones, find out more about a product before they buy, and just generally indulge themselves in what they find interesting – something everyone should be able to do.

As for learning more about makeup, Youtube is the first port of call for any beauty junkie. From flawless contouring to razor-sharp cat flicks, there is no shortage of opportunities to improve your skills. One such giver of knowledge is NikkieTutorials, a beauty Youtuber with a crazy amount of subscribers who earlier this year made an excellent video about ‘the power of makeup’. Her widely shared message was simple; makeup is fun and no one should be shamed for wearing it. No, chances are that girl did not spend a little longer perfecting her lipliner this morning to impress someone else, or because she hates the way she naturally looks, she did it because she loves makeup – it’s her thing. Likewise, no one should ever be shamed or pressured into wearing makeup either. Raise your hand if you’ve ever been told you look tired/sick/semi-comatose and you’ve had to explain it’s probably because you’re not wearing your usual daily slap-up…


No one needs makeup, it’s supposed to be fun and not at all restricting – so let’s keep it that way. If you do need a little more convincing on why makeup matters however, then take me as an example. Since the end of summer I have spent weeks on end in hospital and there are few things that have genuinely been able to distract me and make me happy, makeup being one of them. There’s just something about taking the time to focus on yourself and knowing that you are always worth the effort that makes you feel so much better about lying in a hospital bed.

So yeah, I think makeup matters a lot.

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Leona E