Hey Strangers…

So it’s been a while since I’ve written which is unforgivable really as I’ve had nothing but time on my hands. It’s been over a month since I was let out of hospital and back into my own lovely house (which I had missed terribly). Day to day life isn’t always the easiest, but I have to attest to the truth in the saying ‘there’s no place like home’. Of course I am beyond grateful for all the help and support I received in the ward, but being at home has done wonders for my stress levels. In hospital I would find myself descending into panic mode for no apparent reason – it would just come out of nowhere. Obviously I still have my moments where I feel vulnerable and helpless but they are soon overridden by the sense of safety I have being in my own environment and most importantly, being with my family.

You may wonder what I’ve been doing with myself if I haven’t been putting pen to paper. Well, I’ve had some lovely visitors from university as well as family members; my auntie arrived from New Zealand yesterday which is just the best. I have also rediscovered my love for Neopets; the best way to kill time online (like, a ridiculous amount of time), AND I got The Sims 4 for my birthday last week… Oh how I cannot wait to get back into that addiction again. As well as all this time wasting however, I have been trying to read more. I’m currently on My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem, but I’m finding it’s taking me ages to get through, so I’ve decided to move on to something else. My good pal Matthew sent me The Love Object, a collection of short stories by Edna O’Brien, so I think I’ll tackle that next – I’ll let you know how it goes.

Otherwise there hasn’t been much else going on, things are good and stable at the moment which is a step up from last week. I don’t actually remember an awful lot of my birthday on Wednesday as I was on some medication that made me drowsy beyond belief, so it’s a bit of a blur. Thank you so much though to everyone for the messages and cards, I really appreciate it – I am one blessed girl.

Here’s a few of my cards decorating my bedroom wall, along with an amazing collage made by my very talented auntie Rosalind!


I hope everyone reading this has had a lovely Monday and enjoys the rest of their week – stay fabulous guys!

Leona E


Why makeup matters…

When I was much younger I loved referring to myself as a ‘girly girl’. It’s incredibly cringy I know, but mini-me did not care one bit. She loved Barbie dolls, all things pink, and when the time came, she fell in love with the Glitter Babes beauty range in Boots (throwback anyone?). I must admit I look back on the body glitter and the sticky roll-on lip gloss with immense fondness.

Now it’s a whole new ballgame out there, somehow I have accumulated 10 million makeup brushes and lipsticks without realising it. It is no coincidence that the obsession began not long after I began living with my flatmate Angela, but I also blame Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and basically every other social media platform that exists. Makeup has never been more talked about than it has the past few years and this sudden awareness of how it isn’t just for qualified professionals has lead to the creation of a massive community, open to beauty lovers everywhere. They can learn new techniques and improve on old ones, find out more about a product before they buy, and just generally indulge themselves in what they find interesting – something everyone should be able to do.

As for learning more about makeup, Youtube is the first port of call for any beauty junkie. From flawless contouring to razor-sharp cat flicks, there is no shortage of opportunities to improve your skills. One such giver of knowledge is NikkieTutorials, a beauty Youtuber with a crazy amount of subscribers who earlier this year made an excellent video about ‘the power of makeup’. Her widely shared message was simple; makeup is fun and no one should be shamed for wearing it. No, chances are that girl did not spend a little longer perfecting her lipliner this morning to impress someone else, or because she hates the way she naturally looks, she did it because she loves makeup – it’s her thing. Likewise, no one should ever be shamed or pressured into wearing makeup either. Raise your hand if you’ve ever been told you look tired/sick/semi-comatose and you’ve had to explain it’s probably because you’re not wearing your usual daily slap-up…


No one needs makeup, it’s supposed to be fun and not at all restricting – so let’s keep it that way. If you do need a little more convincing on why makeup matters however, then take me as an example. Since the end of summer I have spent weeks on end in hospital and there are few things that have genuinely been able to distract me and make me happy, makeup being one of them. There’s just something about taking the time to focus on yourself and knowing that you are always worth the effort that makes you feel so much better about lying in a hospital bed.

So yeah, I think makeup matters a lot.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Leona E

Don’t forget to read the fine print*

So it occurred to me that my introductory post didn’t exactly include that much personal information, which may or may not matter but everyone likes to talk about themselves every once in a while; so indulge me.

I’m 21 years old, turning 22 in February (cue Taylor Swift) and before my diagnosis, I was about to enter my final year studying law with Spanish at the University of Dundee. I’m afraid I have no intention of every practising law, but there is no doubt it’s a good degree to have and so hopefully I’ll get the chance to return in September and get things wrapped up.

Now as to my roots, my dad is Scottish and my mum is Northern Irish. They met in Edinburgh (only my favourite place in the world), got married here in Derry/Londonderry and moved back to bonnie Scotland. They did the sensible thing and enriched their lives with my brother Craig and I (there are four years between us), and then it was back to Ireland at the turn of the millennium.

I’ve been extremely blessed throughout my life with friends and family, they are the most important thing to me. I have an amazing boyfriend Jordon who has been crazy supportive throughout everything and basically I just count myself very lucky.

So that’s a tiny bit about me, not the most riveting stuff, but stuff nonetheless. Stay tuned for hopefully more interesting posts in the future; I promise they’re coming!

Leona E


Welcome; an Earnest and Slightly Awkward Introduction

Hi, my name is Leona and today is the day I’ve decided to take a little piece of the world wide web and make it my own. I like talking beauty, fashion, lifestyle and generally just rambling on to anyone who will listen. This may not make for the most unique of blogs, but nonetheless I’ll give it my best shot.

I am currently typing from the sublime comfort of the hospital bed where I’ve been residing for quite some time now. Long story short, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in September and after countless complications and difficult decisions, I have been switched to a different type of chemotherapy. It may or may not work but we continue to live in hope.

You may think now an odd time to begin such an endeavour as a blog, but there’s no time like the present and this is something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while now. No one can be entirely certain of what the next few months hold for me, but the loving support of my family and friends combined with my faith in God is enough to help me take each day as it comes.

On that note, feel free to leave comments and let me know how I’m doing. This is looking like it’s going to be a bit of an eclectic blog, but who knows, it could just be worth reading after all.